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Post My First Mechanical Keyboard Project

I decided I would like to try a mechanical keyboard but an off the shelf option just wouldn’t do. Here were my requirements: small form factor (tenkeyless, no numpad) function key row OSX compatible (media keys, other shortcuts) There are a v... < click here for full post! >

Post Glock Trigger Enhancements

The Glock 17 comes from the factory with about a 5 pound trigger pull. This isn’t bad, but it’s also not great depending on your intended use. I only use my G17 for target practice and maybe competition in the future so I don’t have... < click here for full post! >

Post Basketball Terror

“Hustle up guys. We have to get ready for the big basketball game on Halloween night against the Terrorizers. Practice a couple more three point shots and then hit the showers.” “I don’t like the sounds of playing on Halloween... < click here for full post! >