Basketball Terror

“Hustle up guys. We have to get ready for the big basketball game on Halloween night against the Terrorizers. Practice a couple more three point shots and then hit the showers.”

“I don’t like the sounds of playing on Halloween night,” said one of the players named Carl Blackjack.

“Neither do I. You know what happened last year.”

Everyday the team practiced for the big game and when the game came, they were doing everything right.

“He shoots, he scores!” shouted the announcer. “Yeahhhh!” hollered the crowd. The Terrorizers were losing ninety-five to sixty-three. The game wasn’t very exciting.

In the fourth quarter the big statdium lights suddenly flickered and died.

“Ahhhhhh…!” screamed the fans.

“Uh-oh. It seems we have a light failure,” explained the announcer. “Good thing there is a backup system.”

Blink… Blink… Blink, when the lights as they came back on. A sign of relief came from the crowd, and the players.

The fans probably wish the lights hadn’t come back on, because on the sidelines the Terrorizers’ coach… was a witch. Then Mr. Blackjack turned his head to look at the playing surface, and this is what he saw: a giant that looked hungry, a snake with two fangs, two sickly white ghosts, and a green with mold jack-o-lantern with a smale that had one tooth missing. The whole Terrorizer team had turne into something strange.

“It looks like we’re going to play anyway,” Carl Blackjack told his team. A long groan came from his teammates.

Carl took the jumpball and won against the snake. Then he started dribbling down the court to score, when all of a sudden the snake wrapped around his legs, tripped him, and stole the basketball. He slithered about a meter away.

“The must of hurt,” the announcer said enthusiastically.

Then the snake passed the ball to the giant. “FEE FIE FOE FUM” the giant bellowed. The giant too two long steps to the basket that rattled the stadium. The twenty foot giant simply dropped the basketball into the ten foot hoop.

The Terrorizers scored a few more points and something else happened to Mr. Blackjack. Carl had jsut received a pass and was running down the court. He did not see the jack-o-lantern and he stepped on it. The jack-o-lantern ate his shoe! While Carl was caught up with the jack-o-lantern, a ghost stole the ball and passed it across the court to his ghost brother. That ghost dribbled up the court and did an alley-oop to his brother.

“Now that’s basketball!” yelled the announcer.

At the end of the game the score was one hundred twenty to ninety-five. Carl Blackjack and his teammates were very tired at the end of the game. The Terrorizers didn’t even sweat a drop. It was a really unusual game. It was a good thing the tickets were cheap because most of the fans only stayed there until the fourth quarter.

“I’m getting too old for this,” thought the announcer as he headed for his car.